Designing the future of relationships

CanWe is an app designed to make your experience on all other dating apps better. For those who forgo dating apps to date strictly IRL, CanWe improves those encounters too.

We’re a research-backed dating guide that brings you and your counterparts’ intentions to the forefront, from the very beginning.

Transparency and communication have been proven to make relationships better, no matter if they’re strictly physical, short-term, or even wholly platonic. CanWe helps you answer the question, “What CanWe become?”



Choose your intentions.



Saw someones username?
Find them on CanWe.



See how you two align!

Few steps, and you’re on a right date!

Find Guidance

CanWe is your expert guide. Get direct answers to the hard questions you should be asking early as you date.

Get Clarity

Communicate your big needs and see where you’re in sync and where you’re not.

Be in control

Your answers remain private for you to intentionally share with the right date at the right time.

Save Time

Ask the right questions from the start so you can be more confident - is this the right relationship for me?

Few steps, and you’re on a right date!


Designed by experts

1,000 +

hours of research by sociologists & psychologists to create the intentions, questions and experience.

Why our users love us

CanWe cuts through a lot of the crap, which is great.


Our intentions do align in many places, and [CanWe] was a really great tool to help me figure all this out even if I wasn't able to bring this up on my own.


It made me feel a lot safer and less anxious…


Sometimes you just don't know what to talk about, this is something you could talk about and get to know each other a lot better.


Learn more about what’s important to you...


...setting the expectation is like a hundred percent done with this app.


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